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I purchased a dodge caliber last year, it was doing good. Once I decided to go for a holiday and the car was on 100 speed and dropped power to 70 and slowed down.

Was scary and I thought may b a minor problem, but I still informed service person at Werribee Crysler, he answered that just see if it happens again we will have a good look at it. After couple of months I was driving on a highway Melbourne to Adilade in 110 speed, then after driving for around 500 km the car dropped speed from 110 to 40 straight away.i had my whole family in the car n my small kid in the car. The car had no power at all.i was so lucky to pull the car on to the side. Called the road side *** n they advices me to reset the car.

Then it was ok for 50 Kms n again dropped power.that was the worst situation in my life.they towed my car had it for a week n said the car is fixed now. But it was a dealer in Adilade, local dealer essendon Crysler said even he need to check the car. He said there is a problem in the car yet to b fixed and he gave me a date to come on December , for now keep driving. But the problem came back again on a free way.

I m pissed of this now. I am going to the consumer affers as it is a life threatening situation not only for me but for my whole family.i am scared to drive the car again.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

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